All GM Cabs taxis accept cash, Cabcharge, and major credit/debit cards.

Detailed below are the maximum taxi fares and charges to take effect from 22 July 2012, as set by the Ministry of Transport for Urban Areas of NSW.

Flag Fall  $3.50
Distance Rate $2.14 per kilometre 
Night-time Surcharge A surcharge of 20% of the Distance Rate in respect of a journey commencing between 10 pm and 6 am daily
Booking Fee $2.40
Waiting Time $55.30 per hour (92.1c per minute) while vehicle speed is less than 26 km/h
Tolls All road, bridge, ferry, tunnel and airport tolls that apply to the journey, and the return toll for a northbound journey over the Sydney Harbour Bridge or through the Sydney Harbour Tunnel (at the time of crossing) 
Maxi-cabs (seating for 5 or more adults, in addition to the driver) Except in the case of a multiple hiring, up to 150% of the maximum fares and charges (excluding tolls) may be charged if:

  • The maxi-cab is pre-booked, regardless of the number of passengers
  • The maxi-cab is hired from a taxi zone or street hail, if there are 5 or more passengers

No more than the maximum fare, if a maxi-cab is hired from a taxi zone or street hail, by up to 4 passengers, or pre-booked for a person using a wheelchair (unless they request a taxi with seating for more than 4 passengers)

Multiple Hirings

75% of the maximum fare per passenger, for a multiple hiring:

  • Agreed to with the consent of the driver and all hirers
All hirers commence journey at the same time and travel to destinations in same general direction
Sharing a taxi  100% of the maximum fare paid by the hirer - even if the hirer requires the driver to permit other passengers to share the taxi or to drive to other destinations before driving to the hirer's destination. 

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